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Outlyer V2 Documentation

Here you will find a body of knowledge to get your monitoring started with Outlyer.

Start with the Installation pages to get Outlyer.com agents installed on your servers.

Need help? Head on over to our Zendesk ticketing system to raise a support ticket with the Outlyer team, or send email to support(at)outlyer.com, which will also open a ticket.


We recently launched our enhanced Docker support! Check out the new docs to get started. If you're upgrading from an older version of our Docker Agent, check the upgrading page for instructions.

Setup and Configuration

Getting Started
Outlyer Agent
Graphite, StatsD & InfluxDB
Nagios and Prometheus
Organizational Account Model


Third Party


Expired gpg keys
Generating an HTTP Archive (HAR) file

Latest Pages

Expired gpg keys