We have recently rebranded and changed our name from Dataloop.IO to Outlyer. Our agent is still called dataloop agent, and relevant code reflects the old name (Dataloop) as well. Thank you for your patience as we update everything.


Grafana 3.0 Plugin

You can add a Dataloop (Outlyer) Agent as a datasource in Grafana by following these instructions. This is especially useful when used with a StatsD server. Install a Dataloop Dataloop (Outlyer) Agent on the StatsD server and use the fingerprint to view all of your StatsD metrics in Grafana.

  • Install Grafana 3.0

  • Add the Outlyer data source
#> cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins
#> git clone dalmatinerdb
  • Restart the grafana-server service
#> sudo service grafana-server restart
  • Create an API token

Login to Outlyer and click account settings in the top right corner. Then generate an API token. You may want to create a service user account to restrict access to certain metrics in Grafana.

  • Create a new Data source in Grafana as per below

Grafana Datasource

* Name: Dataloop
* Type: DalmatinerDB
* URL:
* Access: proxy
* Auth Token: Ticked, and use the API token from step 4

Note: Wildcards in metric paths only currently work within a single fingerprint. This is not a problem for dimensional data (coming from Prometheus plugins) but is required for StatsD. Therefore to use wildcards in metric paths you must always specify a dl:source in the WHERE clause.

Grafana Wildcard