We have recently rebranded and changed our name from Dataloop.IO to Outlyer. Our agent is still called dataloop agent, and relevant code reflects the old name (Dataloop) as well. Thank you for your patience as we update everything.

Upgrading to the latest version

The latest version of our agent is always available on Docker Hub with the latest tag, so upgrading should be as simple as:

    docker pull outlyer/agent:latest
    docker stop outlyer
    docker start outlyer

If you are using Docker Compose to run the container, just execute this in the directory where you placed our docker-compose.yml:

    docker-compose up

For Kubernetes versions prior to 1.6, you must delete the Outlyer DaemonSet and recreate it:

    kubectl delete -f outlyer_daemonset.yaml
    kubectl apply -f outlyer_daemonset.yaml

Kubernetes 1.6 and later support rolling updates to DaemonSets. See the Kubernetes docs for guidance.

For Swarm, you should update the image on your manager nodes and worker nodes as follows:

    docker service update --image outlyer/agent:latest agent-worker
    docker service update --image outlyer/agent:latest agent-manager

Upgrading from the previous generation agent

If you are currently running a version of our Docker Agent prior to 2017.3-1, you should remove it before installing the latest agent. This only needs to be done once.

  1. First, remove any existing Dataloop Docker containers. Use docker ps to find the container:
    docker ps | grep dataloop | cut -f1 -d" "
  1. Stop and remove the container, using the container ID you obtained in step 1.
    docker rm -f 7a5c126f7297
  1. If the Host Agent is installed, you should remove that also. The Host Agent is no longer required on Docker machines. Follow our uninstall instructions to remove it.

  2. Now you can install the latest version of the Docker Agent.