We have recently rebranded and changed our name from Dataloop.IO to Outlyer. Our agent is still called “dataloop agent”, and relevant code reflects the old name (Dataloop) as well. Thank you for your patience as we update everything.


CollectD Configuration

It's best to use the latest CollectD package. You can find instructions for setting up the repo's for Debian and RedHat based distros here:

Change the following lines in your collectd.conf file. Where fingerprint is the string from /etc/dataloop/agent.finger. You may need to uncomment the LoadPlugin line.

Hostname    "fingerprint"

LoadPlugin  write_graphite

<Plugin write_graphite>
  <Node "fingerprint">
    Host ""
    Port "2003"
    Protocol "udp"
    LogSendErrors true
    Prefix ""
    Postfix ".collectd"
    StoreRates true
    AlwaysAppendDS false
    EscapeCharacter "_"

The metrics will appear under `collectd' when browsing in the Dataloop web interface.

Other Software

Lots of open source tools have a Graphite backend. In general you should only need to configure two settings; the graphite server address, and the metric prefix. Where our server address is and our metric prefix is your fingerprint.